Shades of Roman Glory

Ginger Abernathy Designs specializes in Roman Blinds, all of which are meticulously handcrafted in my own studio. Roman Blinds are available in a number of styles, including Flat, Relaxed, Pleated and Tulip, and there are hundreds of quality fabrics to choose from. Blinds can also be ordered lined or unlined and can be customized with any variety of decorative trim or border options.

Flat Roman Shade

The Flat Roman Shade is one of the most popular styles. It features a permanent bottom fold which guarantees a neat stack when raised. Just the choice for a clean, elegant look. Prices vary depending on size, fabric, and decorative trim options. (Photo is for style representation only.)

Pleated Roman Shade

Pleated Roman shades are among the most dramatic and attention grabbing. Uniform hobbled folds produce a flowing cascade effect. This is an every-day-use style of shade that you will love coming home to. Prices are dependent upon fabric, size, and decorative trim options.  (Photo is for style representation only.)

Tulip Style Roman Shade

The inverted pleats on this style of shade resemble a charming tulip shape. This style of shade is primarily for decorative purposes and is not recommended for frequent use. Prices vary depending on fabric, sizes, and trim options.  (Photo is for style representation only.)

Taffeta Silk Roman Blinds

Taffeta silk brings a touch of elegance to a room that few fabrics can match. Taffeta is available in a wide range of color and pattern options, and its crisp hand makes it ideal for window coverings. Contact me today to learn more about taffeta and other exciting fabric options for your new window treatments.

Sheer Roman Blind

Sheer Roman Blinds provide the best of both worlds, filtering much of the heat and bright light of the day while still maintaining your privacy. And with so many wonderful fabrics to choose from, sheer blinds can be anything but plain. Let me show you some other beautiful ways sheer blinds can bring character and personality to your living spaces.

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