Make Every Inch Count

A wall to wall platform area was created using recycled wood pallets, plywood and foam. The foam has been covered with a custom cover that’s easily removed for cleaning. Finished with piles of pillows, a live bonsai and hanging lanterns. The space is ideal for meditation, relaxation or a guest room.

Spatial Design

Ginger Abernathy Designs believes in affordable luxury. We take a collaborative approach to helping you create comfortable, organized and beautiful spaces.

Spatial design takes into consideration aspects of interior design, including architecture, furnishings, fixtures, lighting and color scheme — all the elements that effect mood of the homeowner and the function of a room or space. With my 30 years of design experience, I have the chops to manage every aspect of a project from beginning to end.

I will consult with you to determine what furniture, accessories and fabrics work best for your project. I will personally measure the area I am working with and help you choose furnishings. Once the project is complete, I will fully stage the work to emphasize visual appeal and create the most efficient traffic flow.

Here are a few of the settings in which I work:

  • office spaces and industrial premises
  • retail locations, such as shops and cafés
  • leisure spaces, such as cinema foyers, holiday complexes
  • residential developments
  • private residences
  • public buildings

Let's Talk About This

Let me show you how my 30 years of spatial design experience
can improve the functionality and efficiency of your work or living space.


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